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It's Worth The Money!

Have you ever had a friend play you their new CD and brag about how little they spent on it? Perhaps you felt like reminding them of the famous saying, “you get what you pay for.” The fact of the matter is that certain things are worth the investment. If you are in the market for a plastic surgeon, you are going to want the best not the cheapest!

Likewise, if an artist believes in their art, it is worth the cost of getting like minded professionals involved in order to elevate their work. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Hook up with a professional that inspires you and make some music. Especially in this day and age when there are so many great funding websites (e.g. Kick Starter, Go Fund Me, etc), there is no excuse to skimp on making your art.

Check out the rest of my website and contact me so we can talk about your music

Chad Mauldin

Producer/Mixing Engineer

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