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Do we still need commercial recording studios?

Has the explosion of bedroom or home studios made the need for commercial studios and outside mixers irrelevant? I don’t think so at all. The great Chuck Ainlay once said that the commercial studio is a place where magic happens. What he means is that when you get musicians out of their familiar environment and into an inspiring space like a recording studio, the opportunity for incredible performances greatly increase. Artists should consider seeking out a recording facility to work with for their upcoming projects.

The reality is, however, that many people are making albums with their own recording equipment. One thing that major label artists have known for years is that having an outside mixing engineer mix your album can be a great way to infuse an extra level of inspiration into your project. Using outside mixers is one way that the new renaissance in home recording and more traditional studios can work together to help you create great music.

Chad Mauldin

Engineer, Mixer, Producer

Mauldin Productions


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