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Which is More Important: the Studio or the Engineer?

When you are making arrangements to record your next project, is it more important to choose an excellent studio or rather to secure the services of a great engineer/producer? The simple answer is that both of these items are important.

It is true, that a quality recording studio is superior to the average bedroom studio in the sense that it, generally, offers better equipment and a better acoustic space. This is certainly important and not to be underestimated.

Nevertheless, I have heard projects recorded in more meager surroundings that sounded great. How can this be? Simply put, the project was recorded, produced and/or mixed by an excellent engineer. A good engineer is invaluable when an artist seeks to complete a project that is of major label quality.

My advice to an artist or band is to reach out to an engineer whose work you respect and discuss your budget. Together you can make decisions about where to record and how much can reasonably be accomplished at the professional level.

I encourage you to check out my web-site and listen to the samples of my work, then send me a message so we can talk about what you hope to accomplish with your next project. We work with budgets of all sizes and the first song of your project is free, for first time clients.

Engineer, Mixer, Producer

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